Houses must have RWH structure within two months: official

Houses must have RWH structure within two months: official

11th September 2019 0 By Abdul Qadeer
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R. Arivumani of Adithya Aqua Tech Solutions addressing a meeting in Madurai on Tuesday.

‘Residents can inform Corporation about places prone to water stagnation’

Rainwater harvested from rooftops at houses and apartments can serve up to 34% of water needs of a family of four, according to R. Arivumani of Adithya Aqua Tech Solutions.

He was speaking at a meeting organised by Madurai Corporation as part of Jal Shakti Abhiyan to discuss the importance of setting up rainwater harvesting structures with representatives of residents’ welfare associations, schools, hospitals, and traders’ bodies here on Tuesday.

“40% of water is used for flushing in households. If we harvest rainwater, recycle and reuse it, then the water needs for all commercial buildings can be met easily, he said.

Mr. Arivumani elaborated a model of rainwater harvesting structure where rainwater from the rooftop is filtered and then enters into the sump for domestic use while the surplus water is directly let into the borewell. He also explained the method to harvest surface rainwater through injection wells.

Stressing the need to conserve rainwater ahead of the northeast monsoon, Corporation Commissioner S. Visakan said that rainwater harvesting structures present in six Corporation schools will soon be extended to all the Corporation schools.

“Rainwater harvesting structures will soon be set up in all Corporation office buildings. Houses and commercial buildings must have the structures within the next two months,” said Mr. Visakan.

He also said that the civic body is revamping 33 ooranis (pond) under the Corporation’s purview and constructing rainwater structures in the tanks to conserve rainwater.

The Corporation is also planning to identify places which are prone to water stagnation and construct rainwater harvesting structures there. Residents can inform Corporation about such locations through Whatsapp — 7449104104.

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