Introducing the Bulls of Madurai Geared Up for Jallikattu Spectacle

Introducing the Bulls of Madurai Geared Up for Jallikattu Spectacle

11th January 2024 0 By rahul6743r
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As Madurai district gears up for its annual jallikattu extravaganza, particularly in the epicenter, Alanganallur, both bulls and men exude vibrant energy. Bulls, often displaying a territorial demeanor, react with grunts when approached by strangers. In contrast, men share tales of triumph and take pride in discussing their champions.

Villages throughout the district prominently feature the names of the bulls on name boards and wedding invitations. Bulls that have passed away after showcasing their prowess in the vaadivasal (arena) receive elaborate burials and shrines, emphasizing the deep bond between the animals and their caretakers.

Year-round training regimens are in place across Madurai to prepare bulls for the impending jallikattu events, ensuring they evade participants vying for the coveted titles of veeran (hero) or champion. Bulls are subject to a strict diet of cotton seed, wheat husk, and raw rice, incurring monthly expenses of up to ₹30,000. Their training includes swimming, walking, and honing their skills by poking wet earth.

Entering the arena demands ferocity from the bulls, ensuring a threatening demeanor that deters participants from approaching. The best bulls not only resist but also engage in the event actively. The winners, who shake off participants, are recognized, while champions, who stand their ground and entertain the crowds, receive rewards such as cars, bikes, and expensive gadgets.

Meet the notable bulls of Madurai and nearby districts:

  1. Kettavan, Kulamangalam:
Advocate Thiruppathy’s famed posession, his bull Kettavan.
At Thiruppathy’s farm where a swimming pool has been built to train jallikattu bulls.
  1. Kettavan, translating to “bad guy,” is a prized possession reared by advocate KM Thiruppathy.
  2. Known for his performance, Kettavan exhibits shenanigans upon hearing the event’s announcement and spins in the arena, toppling those who attempt to touch him.
  3. Achievements include winning cars, bikes, electric scooters, and cycles at various events across the state.

2. Ramu, Alanganallur:

A Saravanakumar or Dissi as he is popularly known in the jallikattu circles with his favourite bull.
  1. Claimed to be one of the three bulls from Alanganallur yet to be caught in the arena.
  2. Exhibits a spirited performance, leaping and jumping, sometimes kicking close-by participants.
  3. Training begins four months before the jallikattu season, analyzing the bull’s nerves, walk, and foot placement for optimal results.
  4. Ramu has won a cash prize of ₹15,000 at Tirumayam, Pudukottai, along with vessels, gold coins, and almirahs.

3. Chinna Komban, Pudukottai:

Chinna Komban exiting his AC van.
  1. Reared by former AIADMK Minister C Vijayabaskar’s family for three generations.
  2. Travels in air-conditioned vehicles, displaying a craze and passion for the sport.
  3. Chinna Komban’s accolades include a cash prize of ₹50,000 and a car in Sakkudi.

4. Appu, Varichiyur:

Bulls across Madurai district in villages like Varichiyur all train ahead of jallikattu.
  1. Owned by PR Rajasekaran, head of Tamil Nadu Jallikattu Peravai, with a farm in Varichiyur.
  2. Known for child-like qualities, seeking bites of food and displaying affectionate behavior.
  3. Appu excels in “mann kuthal,” digging horns into wet earth to hone skills.
  4. Achievements include winning bikes, fridges, and gold coins, with electronic gadgets distributed to handlers and trainers.

As the countdown to Madurai’s jallikattu spectacle continues, these bulls stand ready to captivate audiences with their prowess and spirited performances.

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